What is Google and How Does it Work and Who is the Founder of Google

When and who created Google? What is Google? How does it work? Benefits of Google? History of Google and how does Google make money? All About Google.

What is Google and How Does it Work and Who is the Founder of Google
What is Google

What is Google and How Does it Work and Who is the Founder of Google: If you want to know about Google in detail, what is Google? – So you are at the right place because today in this post we will know what is Google. When and who created Google? How does it work? Benefits of Google? History of Google and how does Google make money? All About Google.

Friends. Today, there is hardly any internet user in the world who has not heard the name of Google because whenever it comes to the internet, Google's name comes first. Like most internet users today, I hope  Google will be set as the default search engine in your web browser. Now a direct reason for this is that today Google has become the most popular search engine in the world.

Friends, you must be often searching Google on the Internet to get solutions to your problems. But have you ever wondered what is the history of Google being such a big company? After all, when and who created Google? Apart from this, as we all know with the help of Google, many internet users earn lakhs of rupees per month. But have you ever wondered how Google itself earns billions of rupees?

Friends, being an internet user, you must know what Google is. Because today Google is not just a search engine but Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world. After all, how does Google work? What are the benefits of Google?

Friends, apart from Google, there are many other search engines like Yahoo. In the last post, I told you what is Yahoo. – What Is Yahoo today in this post we will know what is Google. When and who made it? How does it work? Benefits of Google? History of Google and how does Google make money? All About Google.

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What is Google How Does it Work and Who is the Founder of Google

What is Google?

Google is an American Multinational Technology Company, which we know as Google Search Engine.

Google is not only a search engine but is an American multinational technology company that provides internet-related services and products like online advertising technology, search engines, cloud computing, etc. to users. Google's headquarters is in California, America. Whose current CEO i.e. chief officer is Sundar Pichai, a person of Indian origin. And Google's CFO (chief financial officer) is Ruth Porat.

Friends, you will be surprised to know that at present 98,771 employees work at Google company. These figures were revealed in the year 2018. Today, the main reason for Google's rapid growth is the services provided by Google to increase the work and productivity of the users.

  • Google Drive for cloud storage
  • Software like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc. for productivity.
  • Google Calendar for time management
  • Gmail /inbox for email
  • Services like Google Duo and Hangouts have been provided for instant messaging and video chat.
  • Google Translate for language translation
  • For location and navigation, Google Maps, Google Earth,
  • Many services like Google Keep for note making are available by Google for its users.

Friends, these services of Google are beneficial for internet users, perhaps this is the reason why Google is the most searched website in the world 3.5 billion users search Google every day, and today after Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, it is the most searched website in the world. Google ranks among the four big companies.

Apart from this, the world-famous operating system Android was purchased by Google in the year 2005. Hence android is also a part of Google. Google Chrome browser and Chrome OS is also a lightweight operating system of Google.

How Does Google Work? How Does Google Work

Google works on the basis of its algorithm. Google has web crawler programs and these spiders/boats crawl on various websites. These spiders collect information from websites and index those pages in Google's database.

When a user searches his questions on Google, based on the indexed websites and web pages, Google shows the answers to the user's questions in the results. Google search works on these three steps.

  • crawl
  • index
  • showing the result

Understand this with the help of an example, when you search on Google, what is Google?

Now Google will check the index web pages in its database to see in which web pages these keywords ( What is Google? ) are appearing. Now what is Google here? There will be thousands of web pages related to it. So now the question comes how does Google show the links of which web pages on the first page of Google?

For this, Google checks the relevancy of whether these keywords are in the title of that web page, in the URL, and in H1 along with which pages in the page in which information related to Google is given, have linked to that page. Have done.

So overall we can say that Google indexes a page according to its own rules. Google has more than 200 ranking factors considering that it indexes a web page on the first page of Google.

Who is the CEO of Google? And What is His Salary?

Friends, many of you may know. The CEO of Google is an Indian Sundar Pichai. Born in an ordinary family, Sundar Pichai has been serving as the CEO of Google since 2015.

It has been 21 years since Google came on the Internet some time ago. And on the occasion of this birthday, we got to know a lot about the CEO of Google. Friends, when Sundar Pichai was selected as CEO on October 2, 2015, this moment was not only a proud one for him. In fact, India is also proud of him.

Sundar was born in Tamil Nadu state of India. Like a normal Indian family, Sundar also lived in a 2-room apartment in Chennai. His father was an electrical engineer while his mother was a stenographer. After completing his B.Tech engineering studies at IIT Kharagpur, India, he went to America for studies and did an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, America.

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Let us tell you that Sundar Pichai had worked as an engineer before becoming the CEO. And even before becoming the CEO, he had served at Google Company. The stories of projects like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, etc. were beautiful.

Who is the Founder of Google?

The Google founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google began as an experiment at Stanford University to find files on the internet. On September 4, 1998, they unveiled the 'Google' search engine. Today, Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and its founders are well-known around the world.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin collaborated on a computer science graduate program at Stanford. Learn more about Google's founders, including their net worth and history, by clicking here.

Founders of Google



Google Founder Name

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

The Year Google was Founded

4th September 1998

Current CEO of Google

Sundar Pichai


California, United States

Google is a well-known search engine that was developed in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This search engine has become a part of our daily lives, and its users range from students to engineers to global organizations. Google's founders initially dubbed it "BackRub" since the search engine depended primarily on hyperlinks.

The word "Google" is a misspelled variant of "googol," which refers to the number 10 multiplied by a hundred. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were still in college when Google was formed. We've provided a brief description of Google's founder here.

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When and Who Created Google?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the research project in 1996 and launched Google in the year 1998. Larry and Sergey were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California at that time.

Do you know the real name of Google? The name Google comes from Google. Googol is a mathematical term which means 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Hope now you know what is Google. When and who made it? How does it work? You must have got complete information about all this, now if you want to know about Google in more detail then let us see how Google earns money. Benefits of Google, Google services.

History of Google 

In 1996, two students studying PhD, Larry Page and Sergey Bin, started Google during a research project. And on September 4, 1998, Google. com was made life. This was the period when Yahoo was the first choice of users on the Internet. But to popularize Google and provide a better experience to the users, searchers kept bringing products and services to Google from time to time.

Google launched Gmail in the year 2004, Google Maps in February 2005, Google Chrome in 2008, and Google Drive service in 2012 for the users and Google kept bringing other services from time to time. And at present Google is not only the largest search engine but has also become a huge company.

Google is a Company of Which Country?

Google is an American company. Whose headquarters is located in California, America. But because Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Therefore, Google has different branches in different countries, out of which there are many branches in India.

Talking about India, Google currently has four offices in India which are located in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad.

How to Search Google?

Friends, I know there are many users among you who would know this. But what is Google for a beginner? While knowing this, it also becomes important to know how to do a Google search.

You can search for information related to any topic on Google. Provided that your phone should have an internet connection, you have to go to google.com. If you want to get any opinion on any topic or want to get an answer to any question, you just have to type that keyword on Google, you can also ask your questions by speaking.

As soon as you type any keyword in Google's search bar, you get links in the results, by clicking on which you get the answer. In this way, you can get any information on Google.

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Benefits of Google 

As we know, Google is the largest search engine in the world and according to Google, 1 trillion sites are indexed on Google, which is of direct benefit to an internet user because the user can get accurate information on various topics based on his choices.

On the other hand, sites are less indexed in search engines other than Google, due to which the options to get information are also limited. Therefore, as a user, Google search is the best option to find information.

Google AdWords is an advertising platform of Google where a user starts earning online after applying Google Adsense code to his website. This platform of Google works for advertising on the website, due to which the publishers get a good income when the traffic on the site increases.

Google Play Store is a free facility provided by Google to Android users. Where users can download various applications of various categories as per their wish. Google launches products & services from time to time for the best browsing experience of its users so that a user can perform his tasks quickly, comfortably, and safely.

As a browser, Google Chrome browser is considered to be the fastest browser in the world. In which thousands of extensions and plugins are available. By using this a user is able to perform his tasks easily and quickly.

The biggest advantage, as a Google user, we can say is that Google is a free search engine, which means that on such a big platform with many search facilities, we can find answers to our questions for free on Google.

Despite being such a big search engine, Google's speed remains good regularly, due to which Google has become the first choice of people. Almost all the services of Google are available on the internet today as per the needs of the users and the special thing is that these services of Google are free due to which Google has become the first choice of the people today.

In short, Google has many products and free services that the user can use as per his need. Therefore, if we talk about the benefits of Google, this number will keep increasing. Google has hundreds of products and services that provide better facilities for a user to work. Here the main services of Google are being explained in detail.

  • Google Ad Grants
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Ads
  • Google AdSense
  • AdWords Editor
  • AdWords Express
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Chart API
  • Google Charts
  • Google Checkout
  • Chrome Web Store
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Cloud Connect
  • Google Cloud Datastore
  • Google Cloud Messaging
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Dashboard
  • Google Dictionary
  • Google for Education
  • Google Express
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Flights
  • Google Gadgets
  • Keyword Planner
  • Google mobile services
  • Google My Business
  • Google Offers
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Google Pay
  • Google Pay Send
  • Google Photos
  • Google Questions and Answers
  • Google Safe Browsing
  • Google Sites
  • Google Station
  • Google Sync
  • YouTube

Apart from this, Google also provides services to the users, some of which are free and some paid.

How Does Google Make Money? 

Google actually earns money in many ways. Which also includes making private investments by Google and selling shares to generate revenue. But as we said, the main source of Google's income is advertising, so let us understand in detail.

Google Ads

Friends, Ads are the main way by which Google earns. We also call this advertising service Google Ads. Friends, as we know this is the largest search engine in the world, hence crores of people visit this search engine every day. That is why advertisers use this platform to deliver their products or services to the people. Friends and advertisers submit their advertisements to Google. These advertisements include keywords related to business. ,

For example, if you also have a business, then you have to sign up for the Google Ads program and run your ad. While running the ad, you have to enter keywords related to your product or service. And whenever a user searches the same keyword on Google, they get to see your ads through banners or text. But does Google take money from advertisers only for showing ads? No.

Rather, after showing the ads, when a user clicks on that ad. So he comes to the advertiser's website where the user gets information about all the products or services. And the advertiser has to pay the money for this click to Google. In this way, the more people click on their ad, the more money advertisers pay to Google.

So, friends, there are thousands of advertisements like this all over the world. Who run their ads on Google to promote their products and services and pay money to Google. But how can you earn money through Google's advertising service? Let us understand this also. Friends, Google Adsense is a program that you can use to show advertising on your YouTube channel Blog, or website.

This will benefit you when people will see these ads after visiting your website. So, as more people click on these ads, Google also gives some percentage of the money paid by the advertisers to Google.

Friends, in this way, with the help of both Google Ads and Google AdSense, Google can help those advertisers who have given their money to Google. Shows their products and services to those internet users who are interested in the products. Therefore, we get to see only those ads on Google in which we are interested.

At the same time, advertisers also get those people who really need their products and services. And in this way, because of this relationship between users and advertisers, this business of Google has become quite successful today. Due to this Google earns a good amount. Now I hope that you have understood how Google earns money through advertisements. Now let's move ahead.

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So, friends, we hope that now you have all types of information related to Google and Google search engines, and you must know what exactly Google is.