How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online

If you have also started your YouTube channel but the subscribers are not increasing on your YouTube channel, then this question is bound to come to your mind How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online?

How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online
How to Increase Subscribers on Youtube 2023

How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online? Friends, in today's time YouTube has become such a platform in which everyone wants to earn money by working, that is why every other person starts his own channel on YouTube so that he can also become famous on YouTube by making videos and earning money from YouTube. Can.

But becoming famous and earning money by growing on YouTube is not as easy as people think. That is why people are not able to earn money from YouTube even after working hard because even after uploading videos on YouTube, their subscribers do not increase that much.

As much as they need, that's why people give up and stop downloading videos on YouTube. If you have also started your YouTube channel but the subscribers are not increasing on your YouTube channel, then this question is bound to come to your mind How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online?

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How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online?

Yes, there is no doubt that increasing subscribers on YouTube takes time and you cannot get too many subscribers in the beginning. But there are some things which if you follow can increase the subscribers on your YouTube channel.

But you will have to follow these things for a long time and keep working on it. We have told you below the best way to increase subscribers on YouTube-

How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online

1. Create your own channel intro

You must have noticed that as soon as the video of some YouTubers starts, we understand whose video it is! For example, before the start of Sandeep Maheshwari's video, you hear music that is not seen in any other video.

Similarly, on the Yebook channel also you see a different music and intro, seeing which the viewers understand that this video is from Yebook. To increase subscribers on YouTube, you will also have to prepare a different intro for your channel so that your viewers understand that it is your video.

If you do not understand what kind of intro you should prepare for your YouTube channel! So let me tell you that there are many such applications on YouTube using which you can make good intros.

If you are good at video editing and there is no lack of creativity in you, then you can manually design a good intro for your channel as per your thinking.

In this way, if you create a different intro for your channel, then one, your video will look very nice to watch and second, it will look professional so that others will not understand that you are on YouTube.

You can watch this video to make an intro to the YouTube channel.

2. YouTube shorts create

If you use YouTube, then you will already know about YouTube shorts because, in a short time, shorts have become very popular among people because firstly, people like watching YouTube shorts and secondly, YouTube itself. Is promoting short videos too much?

Whether your channel is completely new or your channel is some time old, if you want to increase subscribers on YouTube, then you will have to focus on creating YouTube shorts.

By making YouTube shorts, YouTube makes your video reach more people, which increases the views on your video and if your video is strong, people will also subscribe to your video.

In today's time, YouTube shorts have become a very good way to increase subscribers on YouTube. There are many YouTubers who have created a subscriber base of millions just by making short videos on YouTube.

So if you also want more views on your video then you can start making videos on YouTube shorts. That's why YouTube shorts are so effective in increasing subscribers.

Because while a long video on YouTube hardly gets 50 views in the beginning, even after having a new video on YouTube shorts, if you upload it properly, your video can easily get 100, 200, or even 1000 views.

So in this way, you can understand why it is so easy to increase subscribers through YouTube shorts! That is why if you have created a new channel on YouTube, then initially you should give your full attention only to making YouTube shorts.

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3. Write SEO friendly title and description

After the thumbnail, the second thing that people see before watching your video is the title of your video. Title also plays a big role in attracting people's attention. That's why people write their titles in different ways to make them attractive! Yes, there is no doubt that writing a good title on YouTube is very important.

But along with that, it is also important that the title of your video be written in such a way that it is searchable, that is, which people can search on YouTube. That is why while writing the title, you should pay attention to keyword research.

You should write your title only after doing keyword research. You will find many such free tools on Google using which you can do keyword research and write a good title for your video.

By the way, let me tell you that Google keyword planner is very much liked for doing keyword research, so you can also use this tool. This is the matter of the title, along with writing the title, you should also pay attention to writing the description of your video. Because it is considered very important to do SEO by putting keywords in the description.

If you do not know how to write a description of a video, then you can learn to write a description by watching the descriptions of the videos of famous YouTubers in your video category. Some people stuff the description with a lot of keywords thinking that if they have more keywords in their description then their video will play but it does not happen.

You have to write not too much but a little description on your YouTube and in that also you have to give short information about your video and you have to put keywords within 80 to 100 words only.

4. Use Hashtag

If you have ever paid attention, you must have seen that when we search for a video on YouTube, we get to see videos with fewer views in the top second, or third position.

This happens because those YouTubers have included hashtags related to the video in the description of their videos.

This is the reason why their videos come on top when searched. In such a situation, by applying hashtags to your video, you can also bring your video to the top.

When your video comes on top, people will pay attention to it and they will watch your video. When more people watch your video, your subscribers will also increase.

5. Pay attention to the duration of the video

If you have started making a new video, then you should pay attention to the duration of your video. Initially, if you make a video of 10 minutes or longer then people will not like to watch your video.

Because such people like to watch small videos and other people do not like watching long videos of new YouTubers, that is why in the beginning you should make 4 to 5-minute videos to move ahead.

I agree that four minutes is not much but in this duration, you have to give such content to your viewers that your words get imprinted in the minds of the viewers and they want to watch your video again and again.

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6. Create eye-catching thumbnail

If content is considered king then a thumbnail on YouTube is no less than a queen because it is only after seeing it that users click on your video. If your video is very good but the thumbnail of your video is not able to attract the attention of the viewers then it is of no use because then people will not watch the video.

But if the thumbnail of your video is very good and you have made the video well, then people will like your work and want to watch more of your videos. For which they will subscribe to your channel.

That is why it is as important as increasing subscribers on YouTube to create an eye-catching thumbnail because with this you will get more and more views on your videos. Even if you do not know how to make an interesting thumbnail, there is no problem because on YouTube itself you will find many such tutorials by watching which you can learn to make thumbnails.

For your information, let me tell you that there are many such apps available on mobile using which you can create very beautiful and attractive thumbnails like –  Canva, pixel, and thumbnail maker.

7. Focus on creating good content

Believe it or not, all the videos played on YouTube play on the basis of their content. Because in today's time, content is king, if your content is strong then your video will definitely work. But if your content is not strong or you are not making good quality videos, then no matter what you do, your subscribers will not increase.

See for yourself, what kind of videos would you like to watch on YouTube? Such a video in which the sound is not correct, video editing is useless, thumbnail is lacking or you would like to watch such a video whose thumbnail is good, in which value is being found and it is fun to watch the video.

There is no doubt that you will watch videos from other categories only! Because everyone likes to watch good videos. In such a situation, when you watch good videos of others, it is your duty to provide good content to your audience.

Only then your audience will like your video and watch your video. That is why you have to give as much quality as possible in your video. Make your video interesting and try to answer people's questions through your video.

This will mean that when you upload only good and valuable content on YouTube, people will like to watch your videos and they will subscribe to your channel to watch your videos.

That is why to increase subscribers, you should first give your full attention to making good videos. When you make good videos, your video will reach more people. After which more and more people will watch your video, due to which you will slowly but surely go viral and your number of subscribers will also increase at the speed of rocket.

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8. Insert video at a particular time

Some YouTubers take YouTube very lightly. Whenever they feel like it, they upload a video on YouTube and think that their video will be played on YouTube. If these people post a video today, they will post the next video after 3 days or a week. Meaning, in a way you can understand that there is no consistency in uploading their videos on YouTube.

To grow on YouTube, a YouTuber has to be consistent in uploading videos because those who are not consistent on YouTube. YouTube does not show their videos to many people.

That's why you have to maintain consistency on YouTube. You can upload videos at a particular time to see better results and create more connections with your audience.

What is the right time to upload videos on YouTube? You can search this on Google and then you can upload the video at the time that suits you.

9. Ask to Subscribe

You must have noticed that some big YouTubers do not ask their viewers to subscribe in their videos because they have complete confidence in their videos! Yes, it is absolutely true that if your video is good then people will automatically subscribe to your channel.

But in the beginning, when you are just starting to upload videos, no matter how good your video is, you should ask your viewers to subscribe.  It is not that you have to start saying subscribe, subscribe as soon as the video starts, rather you should ask people to subscribe at the end of the video.

When you give value to people and make them happy with your videos, then people will feel better about subscribing to your channel when you ask them to subscribe. That's why most YouTubers ask their audience to subscribe at the end of the video.

10. Make a video by doing keyword research

Some people create a video directly without doing any keyword research and then give the title of the video accordingly, which is a completely wrong way. Because the video you want to show to people is not necessarily the video that people want to watch!

You should look at what people want to watch videos about rather than what you like. Which you can easily find out by doing keyword research. When you give people what they need, they'll love watching your videos.

And because your video is solving their problem and they are getting the information they need, then they will like to watch your next videos and will subscribe to your channel.

Keep in mind that you should make videos on such topics that people search for more! When you make videos on such topics, more and more people will watch your videos and also subscribe to you.

11. Promote YouTube videos on social media

Many people do not promote their YouTube videos anywhere or do not share them with anyone. But if you want more and more subscribers to your YouTube videos, then you should share your YouTube videos on social media.

For example, if you share your YouTube video on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, then more people will visit your video and if those people share your video, then your video will reach more people, due to which your subscribers will automatically increase.

12. Promote your video in Google Ads

 If you have some money then you can also run your videos in ads for which Google Ads is very good because by doing this even if your videos are not reaching people then after watching the ads people will reach you. And the more people watch your video, the more people will watch your video. This will increase your chances of increasing subscribers.

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How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online

What to do to Become Famous on YouTube?

If you want to become famous on YouTube, then you have to first forget that you have to become famous on YouTube! Maybe you may find it a bit strange to listen to me but this is true because if you only think about becoming famous on YouTube, then you will make this your objective and work on YouTube, which is not right at all.

That is why you need to work diligently on YouTube and not about becoming famous. But if you have been working on YouTube for a long time, then to become famous on YouTube, you will have to follow the things mentioned below –

  • To become famous on YouTube, you have to add unique content so that people like watching your videos.
  • Apart from this, if you want people to recognize you and like you, then for this you will have to change the way you express your words.
  • To become famous on YouTube, you should concentrate completely on making good videos.
  • The content of your video should be different and interesting from others so that people's attention remains on your video till the end.
  • To become famous on YouTube channel, you have to upload good videos.
  • If you want everyone to recognize you on YouTube, then you will have to make videos with Face Cam, if you do not come in front of the camera then your voice should be such that people remember! Only then will you be able to become famous on YouTube?
  • All the famous YouTubers on YouTube today have not become famous on YouTube overnight, rather they have worked on YouTube for many years in anonymity. So the thing to understand is that to become famous on YouTube, you will also have to work on YouTube for a long time.
  • Keep in mind that being famous does not mean that you keep uploading more and more videos on YouTube. Rather, to become famous on YouTube, you will have to pay attention to the quality of your videos. The better video you make, the more your chances of becoming famous will increase.
  • Don't pay too much attention to people's negative comments because if four people praise you, then two or three of them will be the ones who will speak ill of you. That's why don't pay too much attention to what such people say and keep doing your work.
  • Nowadays people's attention span has become very short, which is why if you are thinking that you will become famous by making big videos on YouTube, then it will not happen because people do not like to watch long videos, so in the beginning, you can make small videos only. Create.
  • Reply to the comments on your video.
  • Try to create connections between people through community posts.
  • Manage and customize your YouTube channel.
  • Try to make your video viral because once your video goes viral then no one can stop you from becoming famous.

So, friends, we hope that now you have complete information related to increasing your YouTube Subscribers and becoming famous on YouTube, and you must know how to easily increase Subscribers on YouTube. (How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube 2023 Free Online)

If you follow whatever I have told you in this article properly and keep doing your work continuously without worrying about the results, then you will definitely be successful on YouTube.

Before ending my talk, I will tell you that YouTube is a platform on which to earn money or to become famous, you have to give it first. What I mean to say is that when you give your time to YouTube, you will work on it only. You can expect results from this.