What is Java | What is Java Programming Used for And How to Learn it?

If a person is expressing his desire to learn Java programming language, then what is Java and how to learn it? (What is JAVA) You must know this information, which you will get today in this article.

What is Java | What is Java Programming Used for And How to Learn it?
What is Java

What is Java | What is Java Programming Used for And How to Learn it?: A person studying computers should know some questions: Today, programming language is used to prepare any type of application/software, You must be well aware of this and you must also know that there are many types of programming languages.

JAVA is also a programming language that is used extensively in creating software as well as applications. If a person is expressing his desire to learn Java programming language, then what is Java and how to learn it? (What is JAVA) You must know this information, which you will get today in this article.

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What is JAVA

The short name of Java is Just Another Virtual Accelerator. The full form of Java that you are reading above is not the official full form of Java, but you see the same full form of Java written at many places on the internet.

Java is famous under the general purpose language of computers and not only is it used to create different types of software, it is also used to create different types of applications. Being a high-level programming language, it can be easily run on any platform as it also supports all types of operating systems. To make people understand the Java code, the fundamentals of C++ are used in Java.

Being an oriented computer programming language, Java language is used extensively and it is exactly like C++ or C language.

Hope you now know what JAVA is. So let us now see who created Java Language. And how to learn Java?

What is Java Programming Used

Java language is used to perform various types of work. Let us know what are the major uses of Java programming language.

  • Java programming language is mostly used to develop web applications.
  • Desktop applications can also be created easily through Java programming language.
  • Whatever type of mobile application you want to develop, you can use Java application for it.
  • Not only applications, you can also create software through Java programming language.
  • If it comes to creating a financial application for business, then you can use Java programming language.
  • Scientific applications can also be prepared through Java.

How to Learn Java Programming Language?

Being a famous programming language, many people want to learn Java programming language and for this, they also search on the internet about how to learn Java programming language, so let us also give you information about different ways to learn Java programming language. Let's give.

1: YouTube 

If you want to learn Java programming language in a better way, then there can be no better resource for you than YouTube and the most important thing is that from YouTube you can watch videos of Java programming language for free and learn Java programming language for free. can learn. If you do a little research on YouTube, you will find many videos and channels from where you can start learning the Java programming language.

2: Online Website

You can explore the internet to learn Java programming language. Actually, there are many such technical websites on the Internet where Java programming language is taught. Below we have also given a list of some of the best Java programming language teaching websites for your convenience. Please visit these websites also once.

  • Tutorial Points
  • Code Academy
  • W3 Schools

3: Book 

To learn Java programming language through a book, you have to go to the biggest book store or book depot near your house, and from there, you have to buy a book related to Java programming language. After that, you have to study the things given in it. By doing this also you can learn Java programming language.

4: Coaching Institute 

Under Digital India, coaching institutes are being opened in rural areas. In such a situation, you have to join a coaching institute that teaches Java programming language and go there daily and try to learn Java programming language.

What is Java and how to learn it? After knowing this, let us now see some more information related to Java.

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Who Created Java Programming Language?

Java language was discovered by a person named James Gosling. In fact, in the year 1991, he first started a project which he named Oak and under this project, he discovered Java, whose first public implementation came in the year 1995 which was Java 1.0.

What is the Purpose of Java Programming Language?

If we talk about the purpose of Java programming, then its main purpose is to Write Once and Run Everywhere, which means that you have to write Java language only once and after that, you can run it in any web browser, i.e. Can run.

History of JAVA

A group was formed by James Gosling, an engineer working in a company named Sun Microsystem. In the year 1991, he decided that he would work on developing a programming language for consumer devices and after this, he started working on the project with his team. 

The project on which he was working was named Green Project and at that time he had kept C Plus Plus as his first choice but after some time he realized that C Plus Plus was not suitable for his project. There is no good language for this and after this, he invented a new computer language Oak.

In this way, when Java was started, it was initially named Oak because there was an oak tree outside James Gosling's office and that is why he named the starting name of Java Oak. Although Oak was also known as Green Talk in earlier times, in the year 1995, the name Oak was changed and named Java After that in the year 1995, the first public implementation of Java came Java 1.0 and in the present time, The latest version of Java is JavaSE 16. 

At present, the owner of Java language is Oracle Corporation and according to the report of Oracle Corporation, at present, Java is being used in more than 3 billion devices present around the world.

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Types of Java Programming Language? (Types of JAVA)

By now you must have known what Java is and how many versions of Java have been launched so far. Now let us know how many types of Java are there. There are a total of three types of Java.

1: Java Standard Edition (Java 2SE)

We get many such tools in it with the help of which we can create desktop applications as well as server applications. Whatever programs are written in Java Standard Edition, they run easily on all types of operating systems.

2: Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE)

Java Enterprise Edition proves to be very helpful for the component model, enterprise-class service.

3: Java Micro Edition (J2ME)

Java Micro Edition is used to create software for set-top boxes and to create gaming applications, while Java Micro Edition is used to create different types of applications for mobiles.

Types of JAVA Application?

A total of four types of applications can be created using Java programming language.

1: Web Application 

Such applications are called web applications which we can use to run the server and let us tell you that Java can be easily used to create different types of web applications.

2: Standalone Application 

We do not need any type of browser to run the standalone application because it can be easily run on any computer. These are desktop and mobile applications which are used on a large scale. Media players, MS Office, and browsers are all prime examples of standalone applications.

3: Mobile Application 

Java mobile application platform has been created to run mobile applications inside smartphones and let us also tell you that Java is used to run all types of mobile applications.

4: Enterprise Applications 

Java is also used to create enterprise applications. Enterprise applications include banking software and accounting applications.

Java Programming Language Versions

As technology is increasing, new versions of Java are also launched from time to time. Let's take a look at the list of all the versions of Java.

  • JdkAlpha And  Beta:    1995
  • Jdk 1.0:    January 1996
  • Jdk 1.1:    February 1997
  • J2SE 1.2:    December 1998
  • J2SE 1.3:    May 2000
  • J2SE 1.4:    February 2002
  • J2SE 5.0:    September 2004
  • Java SE 6: December 2006   
  • Java SE 7: July 2011   
  • Java SE 8: March 2014   
  • Java SE 9: August 2017   
  • Java SE 10: March 2018   
  • Java SE 11: September 2018   
  • Java SE 12: March 2019   
  • Java SE 13: September 2019   
  • Java SE 14: March 2020   
  • Java SE 15: September 2020   
  • Java SE 16: March 2021   

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Features of Java Programming Language?

Java programming language is mostly used because of its inherent features. Let us also get information about some features of Java programming language.

According to various technology experts, Java programming language is considered a safer language than other programming languages ​​and that is why when the application is attacked by a virus, then the Java programming language works to protect the application from that attack.

The codes of Java programming language can be easily seen, read, and compiled because the rest of the language is a very simple language.

Java is also counted as an object-oriented programming language because everything in it is seen as an object. Java is also called architectural nature because when the bytecode is generated by the compiler, it runs in any operating system.

Java can be run on any platform with ease. If such a program is prepared with the help of Java, it can multitask. This means that different types of tasks can be performed in the same application.

Components of Java? 

If a person expresses his desire to learn Java language, then that person must have knowledge about the components of Java so that he can learn Java language easily. The main components of Java programming language are as mentioned below.

1: Java Development Kit (JDK)

If a person wants to create a program, then he will need a tool for that and that tool will be provided to him through JDK because JDK is a tool package and it can be used only by Java developers.

2: Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

It is a set of software and through it, a person gets a lot of help in Java application development. Let us tell you that this is a part of JDK only. The Java Runtime Environment provides all the tools by which programs can be run.

3: Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

The work of converting the Bytecode of Java Runtime Environment into machine language is to be done by the Java Virtual Machine.

How Does the Java Programming Language Work?

If a person wants to learn Java, then he should first know what is the working of Java or how Java works.

When we compile any Java program, the program is converted into an intermediate language and after that, the code can easily run in any processor or even in the operating system. Is. 

Let us tell you that the intermediate language which is converted is called Java Bytecode. After this, Bytecode is interpreted to run the program and then the Java source code is compiled into Bytecode with the help of the Javac compiler and converted into machine language.

So friends, hope that now you have got complete information related to Java programming language and you must know what is Java and how to learn it. (What is JAVA)