OnePlus Nord 2T Review: Using Some time My Opinion and Details

OnePlus Nord 2T Review, Let's take a look at the OnePlus Nord 2T specifications, features, and other information that is currently available.

OnePlus Nord 2T Review: Using Some time My Opinion and Details
OnePlus Nord 2T


+  Very fast charging

+  Crisp 6.43-inch FHD display

+  Speedy performance


-  It's not waterproof

-  Average battery life

-  Not much of an upgrade on Nord 2

To sum up this OnePlus Nord 2T if you want one of the best cheap phones but also want fast charging, decent performance, and a good camera, this phone is definitely worth considering.

Earlier this year, the OnePlus 10 Pro won me over and successfully competed with other flagship devices from Google, Apple, and Samsung. However, not everyone is willing to spend so much money on their next smartphone, and OnePlus has a solution for that. It's where this smartphone manufacturer thrives and has always thrived.

The original OnePlus Nord proved that you don't have to spend a fortune on your next smartphone. This has only become more true as the range has grown. Gone are the days of making huge sacrifices due to a limited budget; now is the time for mid-range phone technology.

The OnePlus Nord 2T is an evolution of the OnePlus Nord 2, taking an already successful formula and improving it without completely redesigning the phone, hence the name 2T rather than 3.

I was fortunate enough to obtain one, and you can read my thoughts on it here. To cut a long story short, it's one of the best Android phones available right now.

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The Nord 2T will be available for purchase on May 24, 2022, with prices starting at £369 for the model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It is also available with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for £469. Look at the widgets on this page to find out where you can get one.

The OnePlus Nord 2T is unlikely to be released in the United States, and we haven't heard anything about availability in Australia as of yet.

The Nord 2T costs the same as the OnePlus Nord 2 at launch, so what makes it different? The Nord 2T has received a cosmetic update, including new colours and a redesigned camera module, as well as updated hardware under the hood. There's now a MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chipset powering it, as well as brand new 80W charging that OnePlus claims can give you a day's worth of use in just 15 minutes.

When it comes to the camera, the rear hardware is identical to that of the Nord 2, and the front camera is 32MP, just like the OnePlus 10 Pro. You'll also be able to use more powerful AI-enhanced photography and HDR video.

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The OnePlus Nord 2T, arguably one of the best-looking cheap phones available, is available in two colours: Grey Shadow (black) and Jade Fog (blue). I obtained the latter, and its shiny reflective back is definitely eye-catching and appears far more luxurious than it is. You can't deny that OnePlus produces attractive handsets, and this one is a prime example.

Although Gorilla Glass 5 covers the front and back of the phone, it does pick up light fingerprint marks here and there. They're easy to remove, though, and the phone comes with a protective case that will solve that problem in any case. Due to the lack of an official IP rating, the OnePlus Nord 2T cannot claim to be waterproof or dustproof.

The metalized plastic side rails are a great way to save money without sacrificing the phone's appearance. It has a USB-C charging port, a power button, a volume rocker, and the beloved alert slider, which allows you to quickly switch between vibrate, silent, and loud modes. A downward-firing speaker and a SIM card tray are also located along the bottom edge.

The OnePlus Nord 2T looks sharp, bright, and colorful thanks to its 6.43-inch FHD AMOLED display with HDR10+ support. It's a pleasure to stream video on, and I've been able to edit the occasional photo on it as well because the on-screen content appears to be fairly accurate. While it won't quite match the likes of the OnePlus 10 Pro in terms of quality, it's also not far off, and it'll be fine for most people.

A 90Hz refresh rate means the phone feels very smooth to use, with every scroll and swipe effortlessly. It won't be quite as silky as phones with a 120Hz refresh rate, but the difference is noticeable when playing mobile games.

The phone's dual ambient light sensors on the front and back can more precisely adjust the automatic brightness level based on your surroundings. It appears to work because I was able to compose a couple of photos on the camera while sitting in a park on a bright day. 

Given its screen size, you'd think this phone would be easy to use one-handed, and it is. With a weight of about 190g and dimensions of 159.1 x 73.2 x 8.2mm, I found it to be very comfortable to use on a daily basis. I could also slip it into my jeans pocket without feeling weighed down or with it protruding too far.

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The camera system is one area that hasn't changed much because if something isn't broken, why fix it? Expect the same 50MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide lens, and 2MP monochrome lens, as well as a 32MP front camera - the same selfie snapper as on the OnePlus 10 Pro.

The OnePlus Nord 2T, like its predecessor, takes excellent photos, especially given its low price. The shutter speed is almost instant, so you won't miss a shot, and the camera settings are simple to use. If you just point and shoot, this phone will serve you well.

The photos came out sharp, bright, and with a good amount of detail. Only when you look closely do you notice slight blurring of the fine lines where it hasn't quite picked up components that are further away. Colors are not always as vibrant as they could be. Reds, in particular, appeared a little washed out at times.

Nonetheless, the camera system is impressive for a mid-range phone. I photographed landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, people, and buildings. I was generally pleased with the results. Below are some examples of photos I took with the OnePlus Nord 2T. 

I'm still perplexed by the monochrome lens. I wasn't sure how many people would use it the first time, and I'm still not sure this time. It works well, but it appears to be far less useful than using a telephoto lens in its place.

This phone's zoom range isn't great; it only goes up to 10x digital zoom, and it's not particularly effective. I was pleased with the ultrawide mode, which allows me to fit more into the shot without sacrificing too much quality.

One thing the OnePlus Nord 2T excels at is taking selfies. They look realistic, with accurate colours and a flattering amount of contrast. Not everyone will care, but heavy social media users will undoubtedly benefit.

Video can be recorded in 4K at 30fps or 1080p at 30/60fps. It appears to be very nice - smooth, not shaky, and quite sharp. Super Slow Motion, which provides 1080p video at 120/480 frames per second, is also likely to be popular.

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To cut to the chase, I can tell you that the OnePlus Nord 2T outperforms many of its competitors in terms of performance, but you can't really compare it to phones that cost twice as much because it doesn't come close.

The Nord 2T is equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chipset and an ARM Mali-G77 MC9 GPU, as well as 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. If you want to get more out of the phone, you can choose the model with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

The Nord 2T scored 842 in single-core and 2,850 in multi-core on Geekbench 5. These results put it ahead of its predecessor and many of its main competitors, including the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and the Oppo Find X5 Lite.

I thought the OnePlus Nord 2T handled most of the tasks I threw at it, whether it was switching between apps, streaming Netflix shows, or even opening a mobile game or two. It's not the best phone for gaming in the world, but among cheap phones, it's one of the better ones because it doesn't overheat.

It almost goes without saying that this phone supports 5G for the fastest connection speeds when you're not at home, as well as Wi-Fi 6 when you are.

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You can unlock the display using the in-display fingerprint scanner for added security. I was very impressed with the reader's speed and efficiency; it works instantly every time. My only complaint was that it was placed at the bottom of the screen, not where my thumb naturally rests on the frame. If you prefer, you can log in using facial recognition.

A 4,500mAh battery keeps things running throughout the day; it lasted me a good amount of time before needing to be recharged again. It lasted a little longer than a workday, but not much longer. The OnePlus Nord 2T lasted 14 hours in total when I ran a video playback test on it, so it won't wow you like the Samsung Galaxy A53, which lasted 25 hours in the same test, but it'll be good enough for most.

One of the phone's main selling points is that it comes with the same 80W SUPERVOOC charger as the OnePlus 10 Pro. Fast charging is one of the most popular smartphone trends this year, so seeing it here is very exciting. It may not appear to be the most exciting feature, but it makes a significant difference on a daily basis because you only need to plug your phone in for a few minutes to get a full day's charge. In my experience, charging the phone from completely flat to full only took about half an hour.

The brain of the operation is OxygenOS 12.1; it's based on Android 12 and comes with two years of operating system updates as well as three years of security updates.

I like Oxygen OS because it is simple and easy to use, and it does not make apps and icons look cartoonish, as many others do. It's also not nearly as buggy as some other smartphone manufacturers' take on the system.

When you first boot up the phone, it comes with all of Google's apps pre-installed; fortunately, there aren't many other apps to sort through; it's almost a blank slate, to begin with.

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The OnePlus Nord 2T is an excellent mid-range phone that builds on already solid foundations. While it cannot compete with top-tier flagships, it does outperform many other phones at this price.

The camera system is fantastic, the performance is outstanding, the design is very cool, and it charges extremely quickly. Granted, a little more battery life would be nice, but you can't have it all when you're on such a tight budget.

It's difficult not to recommend this to anyone looking for one of the best budget Android phones. It's a complete mid-range smartphone marvel.