GTA 6 Release Date, and Storyline, Trailer, Maps, GTA 6 Mobile, and More

The company revealed that it began working on GTA 6 in February of this year and claimed that further information about the game would be released later.

GTA 6 Release Date, and Storyline, Trailer, Maps, GTA 6 Mobile, and More
GTA 6: Release Date

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the most successful gaming franchises in the world, with GTA V being the most recent iteration, published in 2013. However, while millions of people around the world continue to play the game, it has begun to show its age. In light of this, Rockstar Games has revealed that it has begun work on its next edition. The company revealed that it began working on GTA 6 in February of this year and claimed that further information about the game would be released later. While we wait for the game development behemoth to reveal additional details, here's all we know so far about the next title.

GTA 6 Release Date

Rockstar Games has only announced that the development cycle for the next GTA game has begun, but no specific release date has been given. According to Cowen research analyst Doug Creutz, GTA 6 will most likely be released in fiscal year 24, with a release date between April 2023 and March 2024. However, leakster Tom Henderson predicts the game will be launched in 2025.

According to an SEC filing by Rockstar Games' parent company, Take-Two Interactive, the brand is aiming for a huge boost in its advertising marketing budget for fiscal year 24, which might be used for GTA 6. However, the company then revealed that the budget increase was for third-party games made by partner studios rather than an internal studio like Rockstar.

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The corporation has flatly refused, and many stories claim that the company is simply trying to keep its robe on for the time being. However, all rumours point to a 2024 or 2025 release date, which means you'll have to wait a while before you can play the game.

GTA 6 Supported Platforms

GTA 6, like its predecessor, is expected to be available on both consoles and PC. The game will apparently be launched first on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X | S consoles, followed by a release for older-generation platforms such as the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One systems.

Will GTA 6 be Made Available on PC?

Rockstar has a history of postponing the PC launch of its games, and we anticipate that GTA 6 will be treated similarly. Rockstar took over a year and a half to release GTA 5 PC. We hope that the corporation would reduce, but not eliminate, the time difference. As a result, if you're seeking the PC version of the game, you may have to wait a little longer.

GTA 6 Mobile?

Multiple GTA games, including GTA Vice City, III, and San Andreas, are accessible on the mobile platform. Although the firm has yet to release a mobile version of GTA V, the game can still be played on cell phones through streaming services like Steam Link. It is too early to tell whether GTA 6 will be released for Android or iOS. The game, however, will be playable on mobile devices via cloud gaming services.

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GTA 6 Storyline

Rockstar Games has not released anything about the upcoming GTA6 game's plot. The gossip mill, on the other hand, hasn't ceased churning out spilling, claiming that the game will keep GTA 5's different protagonist gameplay styles.

According to Matheusvictorbr, GTA 6 will have two characters who are separated in the game's prologue, which takes place in 2003, after their parents are dead. According to the source, the game will have hazardous environments as well as an adaptive map that changes during the tale and over time.

According to multiple sources, GTA 6 would be divided into two time periods. The first part will take place in 1985, leading up to the birth of our characters, and the second half will take place in the present day, eventually culminating in both the brother and sister coming together for a significant family mission.

Given that the game is returning to Vice City after a long absence, we expect the prologue to feature the famous cult character, Tommy Vercetti.

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) Trailer Gameplay

GTA 6 When will it be set?

According to Matheusvictorbr, the game will begin with a prologue set around 2003. After the prologue, the game will transition to a modern-day scenario, preceding even GTA 5's history. A separate spill by Onion00048 claims that we will see Liberty City in both the prologue and the epilogue. He also suggests that the game will be split into two parts, with the first half taking place in 1985 and the second half taking place in the present day.

Furthermore, according to Kotaku, the game would begin with a modestly sized release and then increase with frequent upgrades over time. Tez2 believes that GTA 6 will have a chapter structure that potentially spans numerous timelines. These timelines will be updated at predetermined intervals.

GTA 6 Location Setting

Rockstar previously mentioned its grandiose intention to combine all of its cities into a single mega-game, which we may see in GTA 6. Furthermore, according to a recent rumor by Matheusvictorbr, the game will receive a new playable city based on Chicago.

Earlier rumours imply that the game will take us back to Vice City, although in a modernized version. These same rumours imply that we will see several homages to the original Vice City and that GTA 6's map would expand over time, maybe via DLC or live game updates.

GTA 6: Maps

The internet is now inundated with GTA 6 map spilling, and it would not be shocking if all of them turned out to be bogus, given that Rockstar Games has just recently begun work on the next-generation game. However, based on current leaks, we may deduce that the game's map would be significantly larger than GTA 5, consisting of a number of cities while focusing heavily on Vice City.

GTA Online is a significant component of GTA 5, and the corporation is constantly introducing new activities, materials, and events to the game. Given that both GTA 4 and GTA 5 have online servers, it appears likely that GTA6 will have an online component.

Will it be the first Grand Theft Auto game with a female protagonist?

According to Matheusvictorbr's spilling, the plot would feature a brother and sister who were separated as children when their parents died. If this spilling is accurate, it will be the first time we see a female protagonist in the series.

GTA 6 Latest News

GTA 6 May be Launched in Early 2024 and May Have Sibling Protagonists (06-04-2022)

According to a Rockstar Games insider, GTA 6 will be released in early 2024, rather than during the Holiday 2023 season. Simultaneously, another industry insider announced on Twitter that GTA6 will feature the story of two siblings, a brother, and a sister, who were separated in 2003.

Dr. Dre Producing Songs For GTA 6 (28-10-2021)

During a podcast interview with Rolling Stone Music Now, rapper Snoop Dogg mentioned that Dr. Dre is back in the studio working on music for a future GTA game. If the rumours are true, this will not be the first time we see Dr. Dre lend his talents to a GTA game.